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New Cities Summit 2013 – Breakout: City Strategies for Business – 4 June 2013

Things that I have learned about business

Owning a business in Austin

guyWhen I was growing up, I always dreamed of owning my own restaurant. I had delusions of grandeur creating this awesome menu and having tons of people flocking in and loving every second of their experience of eating at my place. Every employee was cool and knew exactly what they were doing so everything ran smooth and customers would tell me on their way out that they couldn’t wait to come back.

Here are 3 things that I discovered after getting a business degree at UT and actually opening up a real restaurant in my home town.

1. Branding

One of the most important parts of being successful in any business is having a brand. Sure, I could have the best fish tacos in town, but if you don’t have a name that people can remember, then it is hard to get them coming back. Even in a trendy city like Austin, TX, where people pride themselves in knowing things that not everyone else knows, one thing that makes people remember you and tell their friends about you is not always how good your product is.
You have to come up with a name or logo that is memorable. this is how people talk about you when they are talking to your friends. Like with my restaurant, we did not start getting really good word of mouth returning customers until we went through a re branding phase and came up with a logo and catchier name that people would remember.

2. Advertising

With a restaurant, there are tons of ways to market yourself. You can post ads in local newspapers, magazines, and local tv and radio ads, or even post fliers or mail out promotions. Or you can go the modern rout and use the internet to really get peoples attention where they already are. You should have social media accounts that keep people engaged in your brand.
One of the things I did also was hire and Austin SEO expert to get my website to show up on the first page of Google when people searched for restaurants in Austin. Hiring a company for Austin SEO services was one of the best things that I ever did for my business from a marketing standpoint.

3. Hiring the right employees

One of the hardest things to do to create a sustainable business is to hire the right staff. I always wanted to be the head chef at my restaurant, but after realizing that I could not do everything on top of manage my business so I had to really make sure that I hired the right head chef that I could trust. We created the menu together so I still had the fun of getting work done in the kitchen, but I also got to lest him take care of all of the real kitchen work.
So hiring your 2nd in command is one of the most important decisions. Don’t be afraid to delegate out responsibilities, but make sure that your guidelines are very clear. Creating clear contracts and boundaries is essential. Don’t take for granted anything that you learn in business classes at school. Doing things by the book is the most important part of maintaining a sustainable business.

One you can really implement these 3 things, you will be sure to have a successful business no matter what you do.


Top 10 Healthy Foods For The Brain

Upping Your Game In Vollyball

Tips for jumping higher in Volleyball

Volleyball_Angriff_und_BlockFor you to succeed in playing volleyball, you will first be needed to know how and when to jump higher. This is not the only needed skill for you to make it in volleyball. When you will need to pass to your teammate, think three or two shots ahead so as to hold your own shot while in the court. And also, you will ofen be required to defend against a particular hard serve.

You will still find out that jumping is quite crucial in almost every shot you take. Because of this, it will be better for you to build your skills in jumping as high as possible in order to significantly improve your game.

Here are some exercises and tips to increase you vertical for volleyball:

Jump program: The best way to increase your vertical fast is to have a very strict exercise routine that is centered around improving your jump specifically. There are a lot of great jump programs out there, but the most affordable and one with the best track record for success from people is the Jump Manual. If you are not ready to try a program like this, check out some of these other tips.

Calf exercises:

Your legs will be needed to have strength so as to jump higher at the same time be more explosive. The best exercises will be toe raises. You can carry out such an exercise at any given time under any circumstances. Ensure that your feet are flat at the ground while your arms are at your sides. Then push up using your heels while ensuring that your toes are the only part of your body still standing on the ground. Then go back to your original position. Carry out the exercise 15 times and then take a break of 30 seconds and then repeat the set. Follow the routine at least three or even four times every day for you to get better results faster.

Shuttle run:

In the gym, place a baton about 25 feet just from the end line of your volleyball court. Place another one 40 feet apart and then another 50 feet away. Take a sprint to the first baton, take it and then return to the end line. Repeat the process with second and third baton. The constant stopping and starting plus the sprint action will help you build explosive power in your calf and thigh muscles.

Diet change: This one is often overlooked, yet is still a vital part of any effort to improve your athleticism. Your body should be given the right fuel for it to work well and increase its jumping ability. It just makes sense that the leaner and lighter you are, the higher you will be able to propel your body in to the air.

You are going to want to reduce red meat from your diet and then replace it with leaner meat such as fish and chicken. Eat as much of vegetables and fruits as you can manage. Reduce sweets, carbohydrates and candy so as to offer your body an opportunity of effectively burning fuel.

Jump shoes: Those individuals who want to jump higher, be it athletes, basketball or even volleyball are going to  always be wearing jump shoes when in training. These are usually awkward-looking and heavy shoes that force your legs to worker harder when carrying out normal activities such as climbing stairs or walking. They will help your leg muscles grow stronger much faster. Your legs will have more spring and at the same time feel stronger if you can wear them for at least 45 minutes.


How To Lose Weight For Women

The healthy and sustainable way

medium_5476503773Women are always more conscious about losing weight. if you are a woman and are interested in achieving this aim, you are not alone. Majority of the women are nowadays concerned about their health and beauty. By following few steps, you can now lose weight naturally without having any side effects of it. If you are interested in availing this opportunity, you can avail it by learning the importance of healthy diet and exercise and also without taking any loss pills.

The only effort you are required to put in order to achieve this aim is little hard work on your part. There are two practices that you need to follow in order to lose weight; one is keeping your diet healthy and nutritious and the other is exercising. Without these two practices it is difficult to lose weight and you might be gaining more and more weight with time. Starting up with the healthy diet, mostly women are unaware of the importance of diet and exercise.

How to find the right way for you to lose weight

For this, the first and foremost thing that they need to do is to conduct a detail search regarding healthy food and to make them delicious, it is important to know some healthy recipes. This information can be gathered from the internet, which does not have any cost. If you are willing to pay a little money for a program that will show you all of the right nutrition and exercise that you will need, you can have a look at programs like the Venus Factor. Or it can be done by collecting some good cook books related to healthy food; they are usually available on health stores, departmental stores or book stores.

Once you understand how to cook healthy food, you will start eating healthy food. It is also important you don’t have to continue eating the same food every time; instead you can try different types of foods, so that you don’t get bored with consuming the same kind of food. This is one of the reasons why women discontinue eating healthy food. To avoid this situation, you can buy more than one cook book or have a thorough search on the internet from time to time so that you have more than one recipe to try and eat.

Exercising is just as important

Along with the healthy diet, it is mentioned above that practicing exercise is also very important to keep your body healthy. Exercise also helps in losing weight in the most efficient way. When it comes to exercising, there are number of options you can go for. Many people consider going to their fitness centers for this purpose, but it can also be done by going for a early morning walk or jog, or by just inserting a DVD of exercise practices at home and following it. The main objective is to do exercise by any means in order to lose weight. Mostly, ladies get bored of the same routine of exercise as it happens in eating the same kind of food every day; for this, it is important to stay excited and motivated about knowing the importance of healthy diet and exercise on daily basis.


Get a partner!

You can stay motivated by contacting a friend or family member to to see if they are willing to become your partner in achieving this goal. In the conclusion we can say that to stay healthy it is important to combine and maintain both healthy eating and daily exercises in your routine life. It is necessary to take out some time for yourself in order to spend a healthy and happy prolonged life with your family.

Diet Plans Vs. Exercise | What is the most important?

Should you be concerned about what you eat if you get enough exercise?

Diet vs. exerciseIt is always important to accompany exercise schedules with a healthy diet, for those who exercise for whichever purpose; be it to lose weight or to get back in shape. There are quite a large number of diet plans although there are some that are unhealthy. Whichever the case, a healthy diet plan coupled with regular exercise helps in increasing the possibility of attaining both weight-loss and fitness goals.

When selecting the right diet that fits your lifestyle, a personal trainer or a certified nutritionist can assist in designing one for you. This will act as a complement to your regular exercise. Alternatively, you can be able to select from a wide range of diet plans on your own. Not all diets are recommended for those who carry out exercise. Diet plans are composed of high-carbohydrate, low-carbohydrate, low-sugar, high-fat and low-fat.

Weight loss can be attained when the calories that are burnt are more than the calories that are consumed through food and drinks; according to The American Department of Agriculture. It is therefore recommended that for weight loss to be attained, high- calorie diets such as the Atkins Diet should be avoided. Weight can never be lost through exercise if the intake of calories is more than the amount of calories being burnt.

A number of people would like to adhere to a diet plan while at the same time still following their exercise regime. A higher intake of calories than the calories burnt and a healthy diet that is rich in proteins is the surest way of attaining this. Of course this always depends on your individual body type, your goals, and how fast you want to see results. It is always best to talk to your personal trainer about these goals. If you want to have a chat with my trainer, check out his website. Carlos is the the best Austin personal trainer.

For the sustenance of regular workouts, individuals who exercise are advised to take a diet that is rich in carbohydrates to give them energy. Carbohydrates are quite beneficial to when it comes to the provision of energy. Some of the healthy carbohydrate choices include whole grain products including bread, cereals and pasta, as well as a large number of fruits and vegetables including yams, carrots and potatoes. Additionally, adequate amounts of proteins should also be taken immediately after exercise, as recommended. This is to assist in rebuilding muscle tissue. Low-fat dairy products, legumes and olive oils are other foods that should also be included.

For those on an exercise program, a perfect example of a diet that is recommended is the South Beach diet. This diet is an inclusion of low glycemic index foods. High glycemic index foods can be harmful as they can spike blood sugar levels almost instantly, depleting one’s energy levels. The south beach diet contains is a combination of low-fat protein, eggs, green leafy vegetables, healthy oils and nuts. The other diet that is quite similar to this is the NutriSystem Diet.

For individuals who exercise on a regular basis like in The Adonis Golden Ratio program, low-calorie diets, low-carbohydrate and low-protein diets are strongly to be avoided. Training, exercise and the intake of proteins for a long period of time can be a possible cause of cancer, as reported by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Fad diets are considered to be low in calories, proteins and carbohydrates.

Check out this video on the truth about how to lose weight fast and how to come up with an exercise routine that fits with your nutrition plan:


Binaural Beats verses Isochronic Tones

Things You Need to Know concerning Brainwave Entrainment

headphonesInarguably, the popularity of binaural beats, brainwave entrainment, and isochronic tones has grown yet many people still don’t understand what these are.  To facilitate understanding, this article will will summarize what binaural beats and isochronic tones are and their applicability and use to achieve enhanced states of consciousness.

Brain Entrainment

Brain or brainwave entrainment is a therapy developed which synchronizes brainwaves with external light or sound waves to induce a desired state of consciousness.  Through use of this technique, the brain attempts to align brain waves with frequencies introduced by external stimuli, using headphones and an MP3 player. There are three types of stimuli used to induce a desired state of consciousness. These consist of binaural and monaural beats and isochronic tones.

Binaural Beats

The human ear can usually hear sounds from 20 to 20,000 Hz, but brainwaves fall in a range below 40 Hz. For binaural beats production, two tones of nearly equal but differing frequencies, are normally played, one in each ear. The difference between each frequency is detected by the brain as a single frequency. The brain then entrains itself and synchronizes itself to the single external frequency. This 10 Hz frequency lies within the alpha range which is associated with states of relaxation and creativity.

By listening to specific beats and tones, the brain will induce differing states of consciousness, ranging from alertness to deep sleep. Over time and through frequent use, the brain will acclimate to external frequencies and can help improve sleep and reduce or eliminate the symptoms caused by anxiety. Read here to find out more about how to use binaural beats.

Isochronic Tones

Isochronic tones are well-defined single tone pulses of rhythmic sound that work on a rapid “on/off” principle and used to induce brainwave synchronization in a shorter period of time than can be attained through other entrainment techniques.

Using the single tone detected by the brain, frequencies can be adjusted, matching a targeted frequency and reducing the brain’s response time.

Advantages of Isochronic Tones

Isochronic tones unlike binaural beats, do not require the use of headphones utilizing instead, a single tone which can be played through regular Hi-Fi speakers.

Unlike binaural beats which require playing differing sound frequencies into each ear and force the brain to synchronize brain waves to the frequencies, isochronic tones provide the brain an exact tone that penetrate the brain more deeply and achieve quicker states of consciousness.

Because binaural beats require playing beats in each ear, the brain is unable to experience the full effect of a beat. In contrast, isochronic tones rely on a single tone. Before employing isochronic tones, determine what it is you wish to achieve.